The Most Successful Niches for Freelance Writing

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Every freelance writer knows the struggle of finding jobs that are well-paid (and being paid what you’re worth, but that’s another article). There are literally thousands of available topics and niches that you can choose to focus on, but which ones are the most profitable?

Which freelance writing niches will help turn your side-gig into your main-gig?

More than just finding a profitable niche, you are tasked with finding a niche for which you can actually produce authoritative and valuable content. After all, if you’re not even sure what cryptocurrency is, will you be able to deliver well-written content in the subject?

(Yeh, I stay far away from financial articles.)

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Since I love all of my Byliners, I’ve put together this list of 19 money-making freelance writing niches that you can use to find a comfortable spot within the freelancing world that can pay for more than your daily cup (or cups, in my case) of coffee. 

Even further, I’ve split them into three categories according to the level of expertise each group of niches require – easy, experienced, and expert. And I’ve included keywords and headline ideas to get you started!

Psst…This article is part one of a four-part blog series dedicated to succeeding in freelance writing. Coming up next Monday: the most profitable types of freelance writing!

Easy Niches

The following 6 niches are some that a freelance writer of any level can get into, and they don’t require much knowledge in the topic to get started. While there are sub-niches within some of them that can call for expert-level writing, the general subjects are some that almost anyone can write about!

Real Estate

One money-making niche that is booming in the freelance writing community is real estate. Who knew that so many people wanted advice when purchasing a home or investing in a property? The real estate niche encompasses many topics, from becoming a landlord to finding homeowner’s insurance to purchasing commercial real estate.

Not sure where to start writing? Try these popular real estate topics:

  • How to buy a home
  • FAQs for home buyers and sellers
  • How to become a landlord
  • How to get into the real estate business
  • What you should know before choosing homeowner’s insurance
  • What are the types of real estate
  • How to invest in real estate
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Hobbies and DIY

Anyone with a computer and internet can find tons of blogs and videos dedicated to hobbies and DIY projects (especially with the recent quarantine forcing people to spend more time at home). There is no shortage of DIY videos that need transcribing and hobbyist websites that need new content.

Unsure of where to start in this broad niche? Try these more specific writing ideas:

  • How to turn your hobby into a business
  • Cheap hobbies that won’t break the bank
  • What are good indoor hobbies
  • DIY decorating ideas on a budget
  • Hobbies for men, women, kids
  • How-to DIY project guides
  • Easy but interesting hobbies to start


Where do I even start with food? People need to eat! But the food niche includes much more than daily diets and grocery lists. This niche extends from recipe websites all the way to specialized diets. Also, with school about to start, parents around the country are looking for meal-planning ideas and tips. 

Need the perfect food topic to write about? Start with these:

  • How to meal plan for a family
  • What are the benefits of a keto diet
  • Which food services deliver in my area
  • How to spot food addiction
  • Quick and easy recipes
  • How to meal prep for a picky eater
  • Which foods should you eat each day


To write for the entertainment niche, all you need is internet access so that you can keep up with what’s going on in the entertainment world. Who is dominating the music charts? Who is Hollywood’s “it couple”? What’s the hottest celebrity gossip? Many websites pay well for entertainment articles that are both well-written and engaging.

There are many entertainment topic ideas that you can pitch, but try these first:

  • Top XX lists – music, movies, tv shows, etc.
  • Who will be the next king and queen of the screen
  • What are the best educational shows for kids
  • The best soundtracks of the year
  • The best Disney, Marvel, etc. movies of all time
  • Cancelled tv series we want to come back
  • Celebrity pairings we’d love to see in movie remakes


Sports fans can get intense about their sports news, so being in-the-know and up-to-date is incredibly important for sports websites and publications. When they find a freelance writer that can deliver content that keeps sports fans on a short leash and coming back for more, they keep them!

If you’re looking for some sports writing inspiration, try these seven ideas:

  • The best sports for men, women, kids
  • The best football, baseball, soccer, etc. championships – ranked
  • “Unbreakable” records that have been broken
  • Up-to-date reports on players, games, championships
  • Exclusive interviews with top players
  • Famous women in sports
  • Sports as a career – is becoming a professional athlete a realistic goal?


There isn’t much that we love more than ourselves – but our pets always seem to wiggle their way into our hearts. Our furry friends mean the world to us, and most people don’t hesitate to Google whatever it is they need to know about their pets – from medical advice to what’s the best calming blanket for their dog.

Want to know what to write about pets? Try these possible topics:

  • How to know if your pet is allergic to its food
  • Dogs vs. cats: which one is better
  • Exotic pets that are suitable for homes with children
  • The top 10 dog breeds, cat breeds, birds for pets, etc.
  • Funny pet stories
  • Must-have pet products in 2020
  • Strange (but interesting) pets that you will love
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Experienced Niches

While the above niches don’t require much prior knowledge to be successful in, the following niches fare best with freelance writers that have some experience in the topic. For instance, if you’ve never raised a child, it’s hard to give tried-and-tested parenting tips. Just like it’s challenging to advise someone on green living if you’ve never even recycled a plastic bottle.

These 8 niches are profitable and easy for those who are experienced in them. You don’t have to be an expert – but you need to be able to weed out the bad or inaccurate information to get to the beneficial information to be an effective writer for them. 


If you are enjoying a life full of travel and adventure, take advantage of this immensely popular freelance writing niche and make some money while doing what you love! Instagram influencers have proven time and time again that travel is a profitable market. It’s time that freelance writers tap into this gold mine, too!

Struggling to find a place to start? Try these inspired suggestions:

  • The best vacation packages for families, singles, groups, etc.
  • Where to find reputable travel advice
  • XX incredible travel destinations for couples
  • XX travel essentials every adventurer needs
  • Is travel insurance really necessary
  • The best airline prices
  • Road trip ideas for the traveler on a budget
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With modern education taking a more digital approach and offering everything from blended learning and full virtual courses, there are people left scratching their heads, wondering how it all works. Alternative teaching methods like homeschooling and Montessori education are also gaining popularity, causing parents to question whether they’ve chosen the right learning environment for their children.

With so many education topics to write about, give these a try first:

  • What is the best learning environment for my child
  • The XX best educational games for elementary, middle, high schoolers
  • How to make history, science, math, etc. fun
  • How can Montessori methods benefit my child
  • How to manage going back to school as an adult
  • Setting and reaching educational goals at any age
  • XX effective educational websites for children

Parenting and Family

As a parent, I know that there is no handbook that provides all you need to know to keep your kids healthy and happy. However, even the most experienced parents need advice sometimes – so finding parenting tips and suggestions online is the next best thing. Are you a stay-at-home mom or a caregiver to one of your parents? Take that expertise and turn it into a career!

Need some inspiration to get started? Try these headlines:

  • Co-parenting – why working together is essential
  • What are the different parenting styles, and which one are you
  • How to use positive discipline to correct bad behavior
  • Parents as teachers – XX ways to get your kids to listen during homeschooling
  • How to find your family history, genealogy, family tree
  • XX exciting things to do together as a family
  • XX tips for staying sane as a single parent


Self-improvement has recently become a priority for many people. Mental illness is more talked about now than ever before, and people are beginning to acknowledge their feelings and attempt to improve themselves from the inside out. As a result, writers that can guide their audience toward inner contentment successfully are in demand.

If you want to jump on the self-improvement bandwagon, start with these topics:

  • How to build self-esteem – and keep it
  • What is personal development
  • Mental health awareness – it’s not just depression and anxiety
  • XX self-help books for anxious people
  • Are you depressed or just sad? XX signs of depression
  • How to set goals that you can actually reach
  • How to live with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Green Living

In a world where climate change is a real threat and people everywhere are trying to reduce their carbon footprints, green living has become an actionable effort to save the Earth rather than an eco-friendly fad. Freelance writers who can give practical advice for eco-friendly living are priceless.

To get started in this money-making but Earth-saving niche, try these headlines:

  • XX simple ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint
  • XX eco-friendly products that make green living easy
  • What is sustainability and how you can practice it
  • XX practical ways you can use renewable energy
  • Green skincare: XX products that help your skin without harming the environment
  • How to clean your entire house with vinegar
  • How to find recycling centers in your area

Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion have been well-loved topics for a long time, and they show no signs of losing relevance any time soon. Writers and bloggers alike have profited from this niche for years, so if you are a lover of beauty and fashion, now is the time to turn your passion into pennies. Popular magazines and websites in this niche are everywhere!

Wondering what idea to pitch to an editor? Try these for starters:

  • Why men should have a skincare routine
  • Fashion trends of 2020 – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How to measure your body for online clothes shopping
  • The XX best skincare, makeup, clothing, etc. brands
  • This is the only makeup tutorial you’ll ever need
  • Right off the runway – high-fashion on a budget
  • The XX kinds of shoes every woman should own
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Cannabis and CBD

With marijuana being legalized in many states, cannabis lovers across the country are taking advantage of its benefits. Countless cannabis and CBD companies and websites are forming and looking for freelance writers to help spread the word about their businesses and products. So, if you’ve got something to say about CBD, put verbs in your sentences and publish!

Want to get in on the CBD action? Here are some ideas:

  • What are the benefits of cannabis/CBD
  • Can cannabis/CBD relieve diabetic neuropathy
  • Where is cannabis/CBD legal in the United States
  • Cannabis vs. hemp: how do they differ
  • Cannabis 101: everything you need to know
  • Does cannabis/CBD show up on drug tests
  • How to use cannabis/CBD for sleep, anxiety, pain, kids, pets, etc.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Three niches that never go out of style are health, wellness, and fitness. I grouped these together because they often overlap into one another – but that doesn’t make them any less profitable. Americans are notorious for being generally unhealthy, so finding easy ways to improve overall health is invaluable.

If you’re searching for the perfect starting point in this niche, try these titles:

  • XX wellness tips for men, women, kids, seniors, babies, etc.
  • The best home exercise equipment 
  • How can a wellness coach help you
  • The importance of nutrition: how diet affects mental health
  • How to fit exercise into a busy schedule
  • Affordable health insurance: XX insurance companies to consider
  • XX health goals and how to reach them

Expert Niches

Thus far, I’ve revealed the best-paying freelance writing niches that can bring financial success for beginner and experienced writers. Next, I’m bringing in the expert level niches. The following 5 niches require extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject because they are notably more complicated.

Mainly, these expert niches require freelance writers who can take all the jargon and put it into plain English that online readers can understand. You can trust me when I tell you this: once a client in these niches finds a writer who can produce articles that are factually correct and don’t require a dictionary to comprehend, they keep that writer around.

Finance and Personal Finance

Finance is something that many people don’t understand, especially when it concerns digital currency like Bitcoin. Breaking it down even further, personal finance is another money aspect that people are interested in, primarily those who work from home or run their own businesses. Freelance writers who have a background in finance can excel in this niche.

Need some topics to start writing? Use these keyword queries:

  • Finance, personal finance advice
  • Financial planning
  • Personal budgeting
  • Personal finance for kids, teens, beginners, etc.
  • Financial planning for retirement
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Legal writing requires expertise because, well, it’s legal writing. Rules, regulations, and laws do not leave much room for interpretation and must be represented accurately. There are many freelance writing opportunities for those well-versed in legal areas because even things as simple as a personal blog require legal disclaimers.

Trying to find a home in the legal niche? Look for work with these keywords:

  • How to make a blog legal
  • Written legal contracts
  • Legal counsel
  • How to create a legal will
  • Legal assistance

SEO Writing

If you’ve looked for freelance writing gigs on any search engine or platform, you’ve most likely seen the term SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is required to make sure your website or business ranks high enough to be found in searches. Freelance writers that excel in SEO writing can bring in loads of cash by creating SEO content for businesses, especially startups.

Want to jump in the biz as an SEO writer? Search these keywords:

  • SEO writing courses
  • SEO writing tips
  • A beginner’s guide to SEO
  • SEO basics every blogger should know
  • Tools for SEO writing


Technology is like beauty and fashion – it’s forever changing, there are always new trends, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. However, the technology niche requires expertise because it’s full of jargon and technical aspects that can be challenging to understand. A freelance writer who is skilled in the technology niche can expect work for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for writing work in this niche, try the following keywords:

  • Technology in the classroom/in education
  • Technology in agriculture
  • Technological advances
  • The best technology for kids, seniors, bloggers, teachers, etc.
  • How to find technology careers
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Marketing and Digital Marketing

Marketing, mainly digital marketing, is a niche that has exploded in recent years because of the rise of bloggers and online businesses and the ease of marketing on the internet. Freelance writers can make excellent money in this niche by not only writing articles about marketing but also building digital marketing courses for people and businesses to use.

To get your foot in the door with marketing and digital marketing, type in these keywords:

  • Digital marketing courses
  • Digital marketing for beginners
  • Marketing for small business
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital marketing benefits
MailerLite email marketing for small business

In Conclusion

Freelance writing does not have to be done for pennies on the dollar. While it may be tempting to accept all work offered to you in the beginning to build your portfolio, it’s essential to figure in the time it will take you to do the work. How much is your time worth?

What are some of the niches that you specialize in? Which niches have you made the most money with? Tell us in the comments below!

This article is part one of a four-part blog series dedicated to succeeding in freelance writing. Coming up next Monday: the most profitable types of freelance writing!

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